Oakleigh Tennis Courts Rules

Four tennis courts are provided for the enjoyment of Oakleigh homeowners and their guests for recreational as well as competitive matches


The tennis courts are avaiable to individual players on a first come first serve basis. The following rules apply:

  • Each sign-up will be limited to 2 hours per match. League play is the only exception.
  • There will be a 10 minute grace period beyond reserved start time.
  • Individuals may sign-up for one court and Oakleigh teams may sign-up for two courts.
  • You may not sign-up for consecutive blocks of time; however, if the courts are available and no one is waiting, you may continue to play.

Court Rules

  • Proper tennis attire is required (tennis shoes, shirts, etc.)
  • Children who are not playing tennis are not allowed at the court.
  • Pets are not allowed in the tennis area.
  • Food is not allowed on the courts and beverages must be kept in non-breakable containers.
  • Residents and guests are responsible for maintaining a neat and orderly playing area. All litter should be deposited into the receptacles provided and the courts left in good order prior to leaving.
  • The last member on the courts is responsible for turning off the lights and removing any trash or foreign objects from the courts upon leaving.
  • Teams are responsible for taking the trash cans to the Oakleigh Manor Dr. curb on Wednesday evenings for Waste Management Pickup, and returning the emptied cans to the courtside on Thursdays.
  • Use of the courts is for tennis only, no other use is allowed. Roller blades, bicycles, skateboards, and other types of equipment not specifically designed for use on the tennis courts are expressly prohibited.

League Play

Organized competitive teams are allowed to use the Oakleigh tennis courts with the following restrictions:

  • Any team planning to play organized — e.g. ALTA, USTA Leagues — tennis using Oakleigh courts must attempt to fill their roster with Oakleigh homeowners. This should be done by posting a notice on the board at the tennis courts, two weeks prior to roster submittal deadlines. If enough Oakleigh homeowners cannot be found to fill the team, it is then permisible to have up to 25% non-homeowner participation.
  • Non-homeowners will be charged a $25 court fee per season. This fee is to be collected by the Team Captain and remitted to the Oakleigh Homeowners Association prior to the start of the season.
  • During league play, one court must always be open for resident use unless two Oakleigh teams are playing home matches.
  • After an Oakleigh team has received its schedule, the dates and times of all home matches and the practice schedule shuold be posted on the sign-up board at the courts.
  • If there are two or more Oakleigh teams during a season, the tennis committee will help determine non-conflicting practice schedules and court rotation for match play.

Problems with the courts should be reported directly to any member of the Oakleigh Homeowners Association Board.