New Residents

Congratulations on your new purchase! It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Oakleigh, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in West Cobb. We, your neighbors, are delighted that you have chosen our community to be your new home. The following information is provided to help you become situated in the neighborhood.


Oakleigh offers a variety of amenities for your enjoyment: swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball court, clubhouse, baseball field, beach volleyball and a playground. We truly hope you take advantage of these! An overview of our amenities and applicable use rules are provided under the Amenities Tab of this website.

Oakleigh Homeowners Association

As a new homeowner, you are now a member of the Oakleigh Homeowners Association. The association is in charge of ensuring compliance with the subdivision ByLaws, which you should have received at or after closing on your new home, and is also responsible for maintaining all Oakleigh amenities. Mandatory dues for the Oakleigh Homeowners Association are $ 550.00 per year and are billed in January.

The Oakleigh Homeowners Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors that meets monthly. We encourage your participation in the association as we are always looking for volunteers and ideas to help us make our subdivision a great place to live. The association sponsors many social activities throughout the year, including summer pool parties, Easter egg hunts, Fall Festivals, Cookies with Santa, and other events.

Making Changes to Your Home or Property

Because Oakleigh is a residential development controlled by Covenants, there is a process that must be followed if you wish to make any changes or improvements to the exterior of your home or property. Before making exterior changes to your home or landscaping, a modification request form outlining the proposed changes must be completed and submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). This form and the Architectural Design Standards can be downloaded directly from the Modification Documents within the Governance Tab of this website. Written approval must be obtained from the ACC before exterior projects can be started.

Trash Pickup Service

Oakleigh residents are required to use one common company for regular trash pickup services. The Oakleigh Homeowners Association has negotiated a contract agreement with Trash Taxifor garbage collection and recycling at a rate of $18.00 a month per residence. To initiate service, contact Trash Taxi at 770.975.0926 and identify yourself as an Oakleigh resident. We suggest that you follow up your phone conversation by sending them an e-mail at confirming the above information. Regular trash pickup is scheduled every Thursday during the morning hours.

Garage Sales

The Oakleigh Homeowners Association sponsors two community-wide garage sales each year on the third weekend in April and the third weekend in September. Dates will be announced in the Oakleigh newsletter.  Private garage sales at other times are prohibited by the neighborhood covenants

Pet Owners

Oakleigh residents are allowed to keep dogs, cats and other household pets provided that their presence does not cause a nuisance to other homeowners. Pet owners must comply with Cobb County’s Animal Control Ordinance, which requires that all pets be physically restrained at all times when outdoors (by means of either a leash in the hands of a capable person or by a physical enclosure around the owner’s property), and that pet owners immediately clean up all waste left by their animals on public and other people’s private property (by picking up, bagging, and promptly disposing the waste in the owner’s or public trash receptacle). Pet owners must carry plastic bags or poop-scoops when they walk their pets on subdivision sidewalks. Fines for violating the ordinance can be as high as $1000.

Property Tax Credit

After purchasing your new home, be sure to file a Homestead Exemption form with the County in order to reduce the amount of property taxes due to the state of Georgia. For more information, visit (click on the “Property Tax Forms” tab) or contact the Cobb County Property Tax Division, 100 Cherokee Street, Marietta, GA, phone 770.528-8600.

Burglar Alarm Registration

Cobb County has an ordinance that requires all residents who have burglar alarm systems in their homes to register the systems with the county. You can register your alarm online following this link: Cobb County Burglar Alarm Registration Page. There are tiered fines for unregistered burglar alarms and excessive false alarms.

Registering alarms has many benefits. It provides police with contact information in case of a suspected break-in. Police usually contact owners to see how they want the property secured. It also allows highly-trained officers to spend their time patrolling and preventing crime instead of spending 10-20 percent of their days checking erroneous burglar alarm calls. Motor vehicle or boat alarms, fire alarms and alarms designed to elicit a medical response do not have to be registered. For more information, please contact the False Alarm Reduction Unit at (770) 528-3819.

Other Information

We maintain a list of important phone numbers and useful community links (schools, utilities, government, etc.) in this website.
Welcome to the neighborhood!