Oakleigh Clubhouse Rules

Oakleigh offers its residents a spacious clubhouse complete with kitchen, fireplace, and a Southern-style wraparound porch. The clubhouse is used for activities sponsored by the Homeowners Association. Homeowners are also allowed to use the clubhouse for private family and/or social events.

Updated February 2021 

The clubhouse is to be used for events planned by and intended for the enjoyment or edification of Oakleigh residents and invited guests. Homeowners may use the clubhouse, upstairs or downstairs, subject to the following rules:

  • Any activities that may, by their nature, be cited as a precedent by any group, cause, party or other organized entity and used as a basis for a civil or punitive action against the Oakleigh Homeowners Association are strictly prohibited. These would include activities such as public forums, or other events that may produce an undesirable effect or which may be construed as religious, commercial, or political in nature.
  • Any activity that may be reasonably be expected to cause a hardship to others in the community due to noise, traffic, or other nuisances will not be allowed unless approved by the Board.
  • Occupancy of clubhouse is limited to maximum of 45 people upstairs and 30 people downstairs.
  • The sponsoring homeowner must be present at all times during the activity.


There is a $50 rental fee for use of the clubhouse, plus a refundable security deposit as follows:

  • $100 for use of the upstairs area; and
  • $100 for use of the downstairs area.
  • $100 for (non-exclusive) use of the Pool Area for any group activity/event.

A Clubhouse Committee member will accompany the sponsoring homeowner before and after the activity to verify the condition of the clubhouse. The security deposit will be returned if no damage is determined to have occurred. If any damage is identified, the security deposit will be retained by the Oakleigh Homeowners Association and the homeowner shall be responsible for either fixing/repairing the damage or will receive a bill for having the damage repaired.

Apart from damages, if the clubhouse is left in any condition other than it’s original form, a charge of up to $100 may be assessed for proper cleaning, trash removal, etc.


  • To schedule use of the clubhouse, fill out the Amenity Reservation Form at the All-In-One Community Management Website, or call at 678.363.6479, or e-mail clubhouse@allinonemgmt.com.
  • You will need to fill out a Clubhouse Reservation Agreement, which is available in the Official Documents page of this website.
  • As a courtesy to other homeowners, cancellations must be done prior to 72 hours of the scheduled event.